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Agriculture For
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Welcome to NHI Traders, your gateway to the world of G1 garlic in Pakistan. Discover the finest quality garlic products cultivated with care for sustainable agriculture and future development. Embrace the future of farming with us today.

  •   Nutrient-Rich Organic Garlic
  •   Sustainable Farming Practices
  •   Non-Irradiated for Guaranteed Purity
Natural Farming

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What we do

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selling organic food

NHI Traders is dedicated to offering a diverse selection of premium organic food products, including high-quality G1 garlic and other farm-fresh delights, sourced sustainably to promote healthier choices and the goodness of nature on your plate.

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Agriculture, Organic Products
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Agriculture matters to
the future of development

G1 garlic refers to a premium variety of garlic cultivated using organic farming practices in Pakistan. What sets it apart is its exceptional taste, high nutritional value, and the absence of synthetic chemicals or pesticides, making it a healthier and more environmentally friendly choice.

At NHI Traders, we prioritize quality assurance throughout the production process. Our G1 garlic undergoes strict testing and inspection at each stage, from cultivation to packaging, to ensure it meets the highest standards of purity, flavor, and appearance.

G1 garlic is known for its numerous health benefits. It contains potent antioxidants that may support the immune system, reduce inflammation, and promote heart health. Additionally, it may aid in improving digestion, regulating blood pressure, and offering natural antibacterial properties for overall well-being.


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